6 Ways I Personally Cope With (Bipolar) Depression in My Life


I go to church at least once a week

I am not at church for more then ten minutes and I have had a couple of long hugs with women that love me warts and all. There has been weeks over this past year that I got by simply from the hugs. The hugs were keeping me going. There is nothing like sisters in the Lord.

I am forty years of age and three of the women that hug me each week are older then me and are married. Then two of the other women are under thirty years of age and single. There is nothing more fulfilling than having wonderful Christian girls love you and trust you enough to give you a big hug.

I love other things about church too. I love to sing to God and I love the feeling that gives me when God’s presence comes all over me, it’s like and antidepressant. Sometimes when life is beating me up the songs of love just break me down in tears and I weep and I feel hands touching me as people stroke me to say everything is going to be okay.

I am not sure of you, but it’s so liberating to me to be in a public place and weep and instead of being made to feel shameful to be loved even more.


I share how my week has been with others at church.

At church between the singing and the sermon we have a time called Care and share where whoever wants to speak can get up and share how their week has been. Many people have a fear of speaking that prevents them from getting up each week. But people like me love to get up. I find sharing the struggle I have been through in the week helps me tremendously. Sometimes I get up to speak and I break down and cry.

I have a church full of people that love and respect and some really close friends and they are always happy to give me a hug and have a big chat with me about my life.

To those who don’t go to church, let me suggest a mental health support group. Just being able to connect with other people and talk about your struggles seems to help.

I have had a tremendous amount of inner healing being done in my life this year, and most of it has been as I have shared from the microphone.


I write five articles a week and stay up one night.

One night a week I go into a mania that I bring about by staying up for a whole night and get creative and write my five articles for the week. Staying up all one day, all that night and all the next day brings the joy and happiness that mania brings. Every health professional would be screaming at me right now, but this is me speaking.

Do you have a talent for writing? Can you write on any of the topics on EzineArticles? You might find that you can write good articles on this subject. They don’t have to be too technical. Perhaps you might set yourself a goal of writing a couple of articles a week. As I watch my figures of the numbers of readers go up each week it keeps me happy.

Roughly 1200 people read my articles each week and I have 306 articles now with this one. Go and read some of my others, I am sure you’ll like a few.

Seeing the figure approach 100,000 readers in the next few weeks, just in time for Christmas is bringing me much joy. Can you see yourself writing on any of the many subjects on here? I can tell you what staying up for that night and two days brings me great joy and seeing the articles I create go up by five a week makes me happy too. Of course people write to me and they tell me that they were helped or simply want to make contact and that makes me happy also.


I ring my brother, my mother and my friend.

There are three people I ring once to twice a week. I have a phone plan that allows the phone calls to be cheap and so I ring long distance to my brother and mother who live 400 miles from me.

My brother likes to talk about his business and I like talking to him about it. And he is also looking into the book of Revelation in the Bible and I know a bit about it so I enjoy those discussions also. Our phone calls often go for an hour.

My mother likes me chatting to my brother as his faith is not that strong and he is being put to the test by God and being put through a hard time and the moment and so my mother likes me encouraging him in the faith. My mother has a lot going on in her life and so chewing up another hour on the phone is not hard to do.

I have a friend also that has bipolar and we chat at least once a week on the phone and get together a couple of times a month. He is great as a friend as it does not matter what I am going through he understands me.

In professional circles these three people would be called my support network as well as my friends at church that I get hugs from. Having good people in your life that will listen to you no matter how manic you are sounding are a great thing to have.

I suggest if you haven’t got these people in your life that you get to some mental health support network.

FIVE I talk to God the Father and Jesus His Son each day

Although the doctors might call these auditory hallucinations, I really speak to God and Jesus. They can tell me things about people and I can tell the people and I am right about what I have been told by God.

Most of the mental health profession does not believe in God. I find that a shame as many of the mentally ill I have met have been Christians. Of those few health professionals out of hundreds I have met that believe in God no one really believe that God speaks back to me.

In fact among Christians I am quite rare also as most Christians don’t hear God or Jesus speak into their minds in clear sentences. Most Christians get impressions off the Holy Spirit, a kind of feeling they should ring their sister that morning or stop into their brother’s work on the way home. These impressions do the job in their life as they make co-incidences into God incidences. Request Personal prophetic word

Rare do I find God speaks to Christians in clear sentences. But this is not so with me. I can stay in bed at night and chat to God for half an hour or an hour asking questions and him answering them or simply listening to Him speak to me. Let me tell you it is so refreshing to speak to the Almighty God who created heaven and earth before you go to sleep at night.

Many Christians pray a one way prayer to God and they get a kind of peace that fills them as they do it. I speak to the Lord and He speaks back. From time to time I will put a prayer request in for Him to answer for me but most times we are just talking through things.

Would you like to hear from God? I can pray for you.