Helpful Tips for Russian Piping Tips

Helpful Tips for Russian Piping Tips

Russian piping tips are new revolutionary piping nozzles that make every home baker look like professional. Usually you’d need lots of skills and practice to pipe awesome looking buttercream flowers. With Russian piping tips, you make every buttercream flower look amazing. But there are some things you need to keep in mind, when using these Russian piping nozzles.

Stiff and Smooth Buttercream

With Russian piping tips you can use both, Swiss and American buttercream. You do have to keep in mind though, that you need to make sure your buttercream is perfectly smooth, with no lumps, and if making American buttercream, you want all the icing sugar dissolved, before you fill your piping bags. Also any meringue-based buttercream can melt much quicker than the American buttercream, so you need to keep that in mind and work quicker when using meringue buttercreams.

Clean your Russian Piping Tips

This will relate partly with the previous point. If your buttercream isn’t perfectly smooth, the Russian piping tips can get clogged quite easily. Make sure you have toothpick handy to clear away any blockages. You also want to make sure your Russian piping tips are generally nice and clean while piping, as any extra buttercream that’s stuck to the nozzles, will cause your flowers to lose their shape.

Flowers not Sticking

Flowers piped with Russian piping tips can be pretty temperamental, and quite often they don’t want to stick to your prepared cake or cupcakes. If this is the case, you want to make sure that your piping surface is slightly sticky, making your flowers to stick much easier.

Freeze the Piped Flowers

Obviously you can pipe your flowers straight to the baked cakes or cupcakes, but sometimes you might want to be prepared and save the time. In that instance, you can pipe your instant flowers to small pieces of baking paper and store them in the freezer.