What’s Popular in Silicone Mould World 2019

The answer to that question depends a lot on, what you’re using the silicone mould for. There are so many different industries using silicone moulds these days. The obvious ones are cake decorating, food and dessert industry, but also lot of resign, soap, bath bomb and candle makers are using silicone moulds in their businesses.

Cake Decorating

In the cake industry, very popular themes are anything to do with movies and cartoons. People/kids always want their next birthday cake to look like a Marvel character or, oh so popular Baby Shark. So it’s no brainer that the most popular silicone mould would come from the same themes as well.

Soap, Bath Bomb and Candle Making

It seems that all the adult themes are very “in” at the moment. Wether it’s a simple round bath bomb, with tiny adult toys in it, or a men genital shaped soaps, you name it and people will go crazy over it. So adult themed silicone mould is a winner in this category.

Resign Making

Resign makers usually prefer plastic moulds over silicone mould. As the silicone moulds are much easier to use, the trend is slowly changing and more resign makers are starting to use silicone moulds now.

Seems that resign makers these days love the entire abstract and modern looking shaped silicone moulds. Sharp corners and unusual shapes, themed with some different textures inside the resign, are very popular these days.

So clearly there is no simple answer to, what is the most popular silicone mould in 2019. Silicone moulds are slowly but clearly starting to take over the plastic moulds, mainly due to the fact that they flexible, which make them much more user friendly than the plastic moulds are.